We invite you to join with us, by contributing financially toward our ongoing pursuit of our mission to advance biblical counselling across Canada.

There are several ways that you can donate:
Through Canada Helps:

Charitable Registration Number: 737298125 RR 0001


By Electronic Funds Transfer:

Please fill out the following form HERE

By Cheque or Money Order:

Made out to:
Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition

and mailed to:
Wendy Bowman
7137 Northfield Drive
RR 1 Elmira, Ontario
N3B 2Z1

If you have questions about the Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition or need assistance to contribute, please contact us at:

Thank you for considering joining us as we move forward together to see biblical counselling advanced in Canada.

In Christ,
Your Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition board
David Robinson | Wendy Bowman | Jennifer Winger | Nathan Penny | Cam Barnard | Betty-Anne Van Rees | Jason Kovacs | Matt King

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