Counting Down The Days Until We See You!

Decisions have been complicated in this season when we have had no way of knowing if plans will actually come to fruition. Our decision to go ahead with this year’s conference was made in faith and we are all a little bit surprised to see that it is actually going to happen! We are soContinue reading “Counting Down The Days Until We See You!”

Welcome! CBCC 2022 Gospel Conversations Conference

We are so excited to use that one word “welcome” to invite you to our in-person 2022 CBCC Conference March 22-23 at Hope Oakville. We want to welcome you to join in our conversation on Emotions, knowing we exist in a time of many heightened emotions. How do we process and talk about emotions? We also wantContinue reading “Welcome! CBCC 2022 Gospel Conversations Conference”

The Lord has been gracious to us

We have been granted charitable status! The implications for the future are significant and we want to invite you to celebrate with us, the kindness of God to move our charitable application forward in a timely manner so we may now collect and receipt financial gifts to serve the movement of Biblical Care and CounselingContinue reading “The Lord has been gracious to us”

Some great biblical counseling book deals

Greetings Conference Registrants and Friends, A very Happy Easter to all of you! The cancellation of our National Biblical Counseling Conference was a difficult one but we want to continue to support you as you seek to counsel wisely to one another and to the Body of Christ. We are therefore pleased to announce thatContinue reading “Some great biblical counseling book deals”

CBCC 2020 Conference has been cancelled

Beloved brothers and sisters, As events continue to unfold here in Canada, I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself about our upcoming CBCC 2020 conference. The CBCC board met this evening, and in consultation with Hope Bible Church we have made the difficult decision to cancel our March 24-25, 2020 conference. For some this announcement mayContinue reading “CBCC 2020 Conference has been cancelled”

2020 Conference Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are a great way for you to explore together in a smaller group with the opportunity to interact and ask questions. In 2020 we have six different breakout sessions. The same six breakout sessions run twice during the conference so you have an opportunity to attend your top two choices. Counselling from theContinue reading “2020 Conference Breakout Sessions”

Quieting our souls in a world that lives loud

Without intentionality days or even weeks can go by without a quiet moment for reflection. If we are honest, it isn’t just that we ARE busy, it is that we WANT to be busy. At our upcoming conference, Lee Lewis will speak on the art of quieting our souls from Psalm 131. So often ourContinue reading “Quieting our souls in a world that lives loud”