CBCC 2020 Conference has been cancelled

Beloved brothers and sisters, As events continue to unfold here in Canada, I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself about our upcoming CBCC 2020 conference. The CBCC board met this evening, and in consultation with Hope Bible Church we have made the difficult decision to cancel our March 24-25, 2020 conference. For some this announcement mayContinue reading “CBCC 2020 Conference has been cancelled”

Hard to believe … our 2020 conference is only a month away

It is hard to believe that the Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition 2020 annual conference is only a month away. Our theme this year is Gospel Conversations – Let’s Talk Counseling from the Scriptures. You would expect that biblical counseling and biblical soul care focus on the Scriptures as their source of truth, wisdom, and authority;Continue reading “Hard to believe … our 2020 conference is only a month away”

Ideas are not enough

There were dozens, if not hundreds, of “ah ha” moments for me when I was going through my biblical counseling training. One moment that stands out from the others was when my instructor said: “Change never happens in the abstract, it always occurs in the concrete, when changed thinking is put into practical action.” ChangeContinue reading “Ideas are not enough”

What do you say when someone is suffering deeply?

I will never forget an experience I had many years ago. I was travelling with a co-worker on business who was also a Christian. As we travelled and spent time together he began to share with me the very painful and challenging circumstances he currently found himself in. Wanting to be helpful, I told himContinue reading “What do you say when someone is suffering deeply?”

Biblical Counseling and Past Trauma

–by Wendy Bowman and Cam Barnard A great question from our conference. The question was general enough that we felt two different perspectives might be helpful. Q: Can biblical counseling, without an understanding of the deep-seated effect of trauma, work to guide someone to a place of liberty in Christ? Wendy Bowman’s Answer: This indeedContinue reading “Biblical Counseling and Past Trauma”

Encouraged and thankful

Over the past week your Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition board has been sharing their reflections on the conference, and hearing your feedback as well. For use the highlights were clear and spoke directly to our vision: Many connections were made. Folks spoke with each other, shared with each other, prayed with each other, encouraged eachContinue reading “Encouraged and thankful”

Purity of Counseling Methodology

Our upcoming Gospel Conversations conference (Feb 23-24 2017) has the theme “Let’s talk purity.” As you’d expect, this theme addresses the need for sexual purity in a world that doesn’t value it. It may be less obvious that this theme also address the importance of purity of counseling. One of the most common questions fromContinue reading “Purity of Counseling Methodology”

Counseling the very ill

Biblical counseling is committed to the Bible as its infallible guide to understanding the very real challenges that people face and how to address them. In my experience as a biblical counselor, I’ve found that a biblical understanding of sickness is something I regularly need to assist with. Clearly the world’s two most common perspectivesContinue reading “Counseling the very ill”

The Heart of the Matter

When I’m first building a relationship with someone I’m counseling, it is common to hear frustration and weariness from them as they describe their challenges and circumstances. In those early stages of counseling it is not obvious to them, or to me, what patterns of thought and belief might be compounding their challenges. One ofContinue reading “The Heart of the Matter”