Welcome! CBCC 2022 Gospel Conversations Conference

We are so excited to use that one word “welcome” to invite you to our in-person 2022 CBCC Conference March 22-23 at Hope Oakville. We want to welcome you to join in our conversation on Emotions, knowing we exist in a time of many heightened emotions. How do we process and talk about emotions? We also want to welcome you to join others to encourage and network after a difficult two years, for many who have been isolated. It will be a joy to be together once again.

We know that we may not be able to welcome everyone in-person so we will also have an online (livestream) option. You are welcome to join us, watch the sessions, and there may be opportunities for interaction and connection. We are no longer alone in the conversation of Biblical Counselling in Canada as there is much interest in caring for one another from God’s Word.

You will notice some changes. Our conference will take a more simple approach. You will notice all of our speakers are local Canadians who have a heart for Biblical Care. We trust you will grow and be encouraged as you hear from them. Our refreshments will be simple yet delicious, still having plenty of time to meet others. Meals will be off site so we encourage you to invite someone new for a gospel conversation.

There will still be a lot that has not changed. You will still register and pay the 60$ cost online. We will learn together, sing together and grow in caring for one another and understanding our emotions.

To be truthful, we are just thankful to be together and welcome you to join us after some time apart.

We continue to be thankful for the hospitality provided by Hope Oakville. They have been gracious hosts in the past and their enthusiasm to serve continues to be an encouragement and model for us all. We have much confidence they will serve us well, even in these uncertain times, providing us a safe and encouraging place to have conversations.

So, welcome. Welcome March 22-23 to be part of a growing and necessary conversation in Canada – a movement that courageously counts the cost to learn to care for the broken, the wandering, the suffering and the hurting.

Thank you for joining our conversation this March, whether in-person or online. For more information and to sign up, please visit https://biblicalcounselingcanada.ca/2022-conference/

On behalf of the CBCC Board

David Robinson

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