Am I qualified to minister to others and to counsel biblically?


So, you are excited about biblical counseling; but what qualifies a Christian to become a competent biblical counselor?

In our upcoming conference one of Bob Kellemen’s sessions deals specifically with this question.

The world, and often even the church, communicates to us that unless we have a Ph.D. in psychology and a license, we should stay far away from ministering to hurting people.

But what does the Word of God say?

In this session, we’ll learn together from Romans 15:14 that God calls “the average, ordinary Christian” to become equipped for one-another ministry—for biblical counseling.

We’ll learn the Bible’s “4C” résumé qualifications that equip every believer for the personal ministry of the Word.

We also have a special breakout session this year dealing specifically with personal preparedness to counsel biblically taught by Nathan Penny.

Please register today and join us March 21st and 22nd in Oakville Ontario!


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