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5 days left to register


Can you believe it? We are down to the final 5 days before our on-line registration closes (March 19th @ 6:00pm Eastern Time)!

How do you counsel someone who is suffering under unjust and persistent oppression by another?

One of our workshop breakout sessions will focus specifically upon suffering in oppression.

How do we look to Jesus as our example when facing unjust and persistent oppression and suffering?
How do we think biblically about oppression in a day and age when everyone seems to be claiming oppression by some idea, person, or group?
How do we encourage and give hope, and help someone guard against sinful responses to being sinned against?

Brian Munnings of Toronto Biblical Counseling will lead a workshop designed to answer these practical questions.

Our 2018 Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition conference  Let’s talk hope in suffering is fast approaching.

Have you registered yet? Don’t delay, register today! We’d love to welcome you in person March 22&23 More details about the upcoming conference.

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