Ideas are not enough


There were dozens, if not hundreds, of “ah ha” moments for me when I was going through my biblical counseling training.

One moment that stands out from the others was when my instructor said: “Change never happens in the abstract, it always occurs in the concrete, when changed thinking is put into practical action.”

Change never happens in the abstract, it always occurs in the concrete

My instructor wanted me to understand that just teaching doctrine, or discussing important concepts wasn’t enough; I needed to move a counselee (and myself!) from right thinking to right action in the form of concrete implementation.

Even in the context of a conference, it is critical to ‘do our homework’ and put what we are learning into practice as quickly as possible.

We are excited to offer an opportunity at the end of our first day to gather in facilitated small groups, and work through a case study together applying what we’ve learned.

Our 2018 Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition conference  Let’s talk hope in suffering is fast approaching.

Why not register TODAY?
We’d love to welcome you in person March 22&23 More details about the upcoming conference.


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