Canadian BCC Conference Follow-up

2017-04-05 CBCCFollow-by Betty-Anne Van Rees

The board of the Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition has had a few weeks to reflect on God’s manifestation of Himself during the days of our first conference.

As we planned and prepared for the conference we had some objectives in mind:

  • Glorify God and promote worship of His beauty
  • Promote conversation among Canadians around the topic of biblical sufficiency and the use of God’s Word for the care of souls
  • Give God opportunity to speak to an area of critical importance to the church in the 21st century: sexual purity
  • Share biblical counselling insights with some who have never considered how to bring the Bible to bear on the struggles of those they speak with
  • Encourage and equip those whom God is already using in biblical counselling roles

With these goals in mind, we invited Michael Leister from Germany to join us as our plenary speaker.

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