“Jesus is Better” – But is that Practical?

2017-03-11 JesusIsBetter

Sometimes the roots of a problem extend far deeper than what we first might think. When a person comes to you as a Biblical Counselor, it might be easy to identify the solution to their problem. But what if there is something far deeper than the apparent anxiety or fear or idolatry? If this is the case, trite answers will not reach the destructive roots that  over years have permeated every area of life. How can we address root issues? How can we be more practical in our help?

In his article “Jesus is Better” – But is that Practical? Kim Kira suggests “we need to think more deeply about a person’s idolatry, so that we can more particularly and more practically demonstrate Jesus as supreme.” 

Biblical counselors often refer to this as the difference between ‘dispensing truth’ and ‘ministering truth’. Click here to keep reading: “Jesus is Better” – But is that Practical?

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