Parenting with a Big Gospel Picture


Parenting is exhausting.  Whether you are a parent of busy pre-schoolers, or a parent of moody teens, the challenges and pitfalls of parenting are many. Beyond providing for their basic needs and keeping track of their schedules, there is the constant pressures of discipline, character development, and training them to be a valuable member of society. As parents, we can easily get lost in the day-to-day responsibilities of parenthood and lose our perspective and our ultimate goal, which is to raise children who love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Counselling parents in crisis can be challenging as well. Paul Tripp has been an influential voice on the topic of parenting for years. In an article for The Gospel Coalition, he reminds us to continue parenting and counseling parents to fulfill their duties to their children with a big gospel picture in mind.

“Your calling as a mom or dad is to ‘do everything within your power, as an instrument in the hands of the Redeemer who has employed you, to woo, encourage, call, and train your children to willingly and joyfully live as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ’. Nothing matters more.” -Paul Tripp

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Parenting With a Big Gospel Picture

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