What if … and How Long?

-by Wendy Bowman

A close follower to ‘what if’ is often the lament; How Long oh Lord, How long?

Certainly, we have the big picture, longing for Christ’s return to our earth as it groans in anticipation with earthquakes and wild weather patterns.

What of the micro scale, our day to day longings?

Betty-Anne Van Rees, cambridge, shares of a dear elderly woman, who for many years now, has been praying daily for the biblical counseling movement to come to Canada, to be an organized, readily available gift to the body of Christ.

Well dear Eunice, your prayers are being answered! We have a website, a board and now our first Canadian Biblical Counselors Coalition (CBCC) conference is booked for February 2017! We are ready for take off!

Thank you Lord, that many of us will be able to humbly serve in this answer to the people’s prayers of the past!

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