‘What if’…?

2016-12-31-what-if-by Wendy Bowman

I think we can all acknowledge the futility of spending too much time in the land of ‘what if?’  … or do we? When life is swirling out of control or just plain busy, isn’t it easy for our thoughts to go to ‘what if THIS was different?’ What if this person was out of my life? What if I won $10,000? Wouldn’t life be so much easier. Wouldn’t it be better?

Ah, yes, it is easy to go down the ‘what if’ trail.

But when we turn away from ‘what if?’ to Jesus, our Lord graciously draws us back with words of refocus, patience, and endurance (Matthew 6:25-34).

The problem is not really with the ‘what ifs’, it is in what we do with them. For many of us connected to the Biblical Counseling movement, our hearts may have been tempted over the years to become discouraged. But instead we asked, “What if a Biblical Counseling movement actually happened here in Canada? What if a unified body of believers created a place where like-minded Christ-followers could connect and serve one another?” I am thankful our worrisome ‘what ifs’ did not come to pass, but instead God’s loving wisdom and perfect timing did.

Let us praise Him together for this mighty work that He is doing through the Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition!

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