Fear and the Gospel


Fear is a common experience to humanity, ranging in severity from mild panic to all-consuming, debilitating terror, with of course many degrees in between. In many cases, a fear response can be completely justified because there are definitely frightening situations in life that inevitably produce fear. But again and again Scripture instructs us not to be afraid. The command ‘do not fear’ is repeated over three hundred times in the Bible.

Therefore, in the midst of terrifying situations, there must be a way to dispel fear and walk in faith. While it’s possible for all-consuming circumstantial fear to be replaced with the reverential fear of God, change may not be easy. How does the gospel, through the ministry life, death, and resurrection of Christ, affect our fears? Jeff Forrey’s three-part article speaks to how the gospel transforms our fears.

How the Gospel Transforms our Fears Part 1

How the Gospel Transforms our Fears Part 2

How the Gospel Transforms our Fears Part 3


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